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13) The wording is from John Crowe Ransom's essay in I'll Take My Stand, "Reconstructed but Unregenerate.
Because the second degree of punishment affects the will, analysis of this Dantean device also sheds light on the nature of an unregenerate sinner's will.
At the moment those practical steps revolve as well around shaking the perception that she is little more than the fashion plate, unregenerate gadabout and celebrity consort best known to New Yorkers as Mrs Sting.
He argued that business and capitalism represented the unregenerate portion of the social order.
The reviewer has been on record for the past fifty years as an unregenerate critic of that standard policy, root and branch.
To my unregenerate ears, "Release me" is closer to Engelbert Humperdinck than to Milton, but Gray has a complete triumph when he detects an echo of Milton's great line "Silence, ye troubled waves, and thou deep peace" (PL 7.
Interestingly, given that this was a purportedly Marxist regime, this immortality was not at all an egalitarian affair; it was a prize to be achieved by the elite, new Soviet men, while the mass of unregenerate humanity would be left behind.
Pullen, however, is convinced that he holds the key not only to Levy's final and fatal bout of depression, but to a number of Levy's poems and works of fiction, and she combs through these for portraits of Pearson, while portraying him as an unregenerate cad and Levy as his victim.
Michael Douglas as a repentant yet unregenerate Gordon Gekko proves that while greed might not be good, it certainly seems to work - for a few lucky people at any rate.
Mearsheimer, who Betts describes as "an unregenerate realist," was, like Huntington, not optimistic about the future.
Wilkinson's art may be received in the more precious circles of the metropolis, it was received by the unregenerate undergraduates of New Haven with loud roars of laughter.