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I respect and appreciate the Commerce Committees work so far, but we cannot turn a blind eye to 435,000 miles of unregulated gas gathering pipelines especially when we dont even know how close they are to our homes, families, and communities, Udall said.
"I agree with the various clauses of the Bill, but mere banning of unregulated deposits will not solve the purpose.
Illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing depletes stocks, corrodes the marine environment and decreases aquatic and marine biodiversity, scientists say.The Food and Agriculture Organisation estimates that nearly a third of fish resources are overexploited or extinct.
They may well have had nothing but good intentions, but the problem is it's unregulated."
The annual cost of illegal, unreported and unregulated or IUU fishing is estimated by the UN at $23 billion.
'If you completely open the trails, and ask climbers to provide a detailed itinerary before departing, you can not only know their route, but people will also be less inclined to climb unregulated mountains,' he commented.
The check was carried out with a thermal camera, which indicates whether it is burning unregulated waste in closed spaces.
Rahim said he will bring the matter of shrinking rivers due to unregulated sand mining to the highest level in the state government.
Last year, SC had taken suo motu notice of unregulated buildings in Banigala on the request of PTI chairman Imran Khan and unauthorised construction in the scenic area came under the limelight after the intervention of the apex court.
Officials of department of Financial Services will brief the panel on the Banning of Unregulated Deposit Schemes Bill, 2018, according to a Lok Sabha bulletin.
Unregulated financial consultants providing services without a proper licence
Teksan will receive Unregulated, Stage II and Stage IIIA/Tier 3 compliant G-Drive engines to fulfil a complete power demand.