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But the highlight for me was when the man got up from the audience and sang with Ruben, unrehearsed - oh my god!
During Harry's attendance, the Duke performed an unrehearsed dance Opens a New Window.
In truth, 'Unrehearsed' is no where close to reinvigorating the 'Best Kenyan Rapper' claims which she sparked years ago.
HOST THE WEEK WE loved her on Gogglebox but Scarlett Moffatt really struggled with Channel Four's new unscripted and unrehearsed entertainment show that made its debut last week.
It provides a raw, unrehearsed range of perspectives, ensuring that every relevant box is ticked.
The work explores the dream world with a scratch (unrehearsed) performance using puppetry and masks.
An innovative teaching approach now being used to improve students' understanding of mental illness on a deeper personal level is called "Readers Theater" It is an active problem-based teaching and learning strategy in which student volunteers read unrehearsed scripts to the class.
Pianist, double bass player and drummer assemble unrehearsed and with no preconceived plan.
Charlie Adam's perfectly-delivered low free-kick towards the penalty spot and Charlie Mulgrew's deadly finish after his synchronised spin from behind the Estonian defence was unrehearsed.
This business for sale is an operator of a 104-acre wildlife park where hundreds of exotic animals from all over the world roam in spacious natural habitats, giving visitors the chance to see their natural behavior; guests can encounter lions, tigers, giraffes and zebras face to face, and enjoy exciting unrehearsed shows.
Then she dueted with barmaid Becky, 18, from Bewdley, Worcestershire, in an unrehearsed and somewhat shambolic version of worldwide chart-topper Price Tag.
After a round of applause, former Labour leader Lord Kinnock joked, "and completely unrehearsed as well".