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Although practice improved game performance, the skills learned did not transfer to unrehearsed mental tasks.
Anyway, they're promising an evening of explicit humour, good-natured joshing and unplanned, unrehearsed, un-scripted, unlikely topical discussion which will be available as a free podcast the next morning.
Price was clearly enjoying himself, throwing in unrehearsed material, leaving the band exchanging glances, wondering what was coming next, before rising to every challenge.
The event I endured wasn't just under rehearsed, it seemed completely unrehearsed.
He said: "Mr Green was unable to be in Cardiff to allow a full rehearsal and the staging of the Miss Cardiff Tattoo competition was virtually unrehearsed.
Robert's best friend Eddie Cochrane, with whom he worked in Iraq, gave a moving, unrehearsed tribute.
I was lucky enough to be there and even luckier to sing with Anthony (my cousin) - to a couple of Style Council numbers - unrehearsed as usual
Air Exercise (AIREX) 2007, an unrehearsed, full-scale aircraft incident drill, is to be carried out at Los Angeles/Ontario International Airport on 4 April.
The 20,000 fans treated to a show, complete with trapeze artists and fireworks, could never have guessed it was entirely unrehearsed.
For Klein, 2this unexpected, unrehearsed mention of the deadline for sowing turnips in Missouri (it's actually the 25th of July, for those who might be tempted to procrastinate) is "an appropriately inelegant shorthand for everything I love about politics?
The original source material for Keys to the Divine Kingdom is Kabbani's oral presentations, which were unrehearsed and entirely from the heart and soul.
They sought unrehearsed and chance encounters, and this not only meant seeking out new materials but also siting them in unusual places.