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Unrelated support is payments designed to reimburse part of the costs of agricultural producers for agrotechnical work, increasing fertility and soil quality.
They found that those who used mobile phones in store for purposes unrelated to shopping, such as making phone calls, sending text messages, checking emails or listening to music, were more likely to make unplanned purchases and forget items they had planned to buy.
Tax-exempt organizations are permitted to engage in income-producing activities considered unrelated to their exempt purposes.
These help managers gauge their firm's extent of unrelated diversification.
Revenue recognition becomes more complicated when an unrelated taxpayer may also redeem a gift card's value.
The landmark case invo n lved an aunt was looking after three very disabl a ed children, who had previously been cared for by unrelated foster carers.
Researchers analyzed outcomes of more than 38,000 transplant patients with life-threatening blood cancers and other diseases over a 12-year period--capturing approximately 70% to 90% of all related and unrelated blood stem cell transplants performed in the US.
But in a ruling issued Wednesday, the state Supreme Judicial Court said the mere fact that four unrelated adults live in an apartment or home does not make rental properties lodging houses.
BEIRUT: A prominent Lebanese organ transplant surgeon is facing charges of ethical misconduct for using unrelated living organ donors in three studies that were retracted from an international medical journal earlier this month.
Researchers from Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) have found that rabbits' antibodies trick the body immune system into accepting the stem cell from an unrelated donor.
Alternative investments held in passthrough entities (partnerships, LLCs) can generate unrelated business income.
If a related donor is not available, then a matched unrelated cord or unrelated donor is used.