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McGahan (2000), follows Wernerfelt and Montgomery (1988), in constructing a specific measure of focus or unrelatedness based upon the degree of overlap between the firm's activity segments using 1-, 2-, 3-, and 4-digit SIC codes.
1041-1T(b), Q&A-7, the presumption of unrelatedness after six years is rebuttable, by showing the transfer was made to effect a division of property owned by the former spouses at the time their marriage ceased.
It is a historical irony that Africans from different geographic regions of the world are usually made aware of their diversity and seeming unrelatedness.
The six release eras accounted for only 2% of the total variation in cultivar relationships, indicating their relative unrelatedness.
9] Other scholars have rather emphasized the unrelatedness of the Verses--e.
In this narrative, Julie went to great lengths to clarify her genetic unrelatedness to the child she was carrying.
Ellis & Taylor (1987) Corporate venturing was postulated to pursue a strategy of unrelatedness to present activities, to adopt the structure of an independent unit and to involve a process of assembling and configuring novel resources (p.
Even more puzzling is the apparent unrelatedness of these four epigraphs and the quotation from Elisha Scott which heads the second section of the novel: "On a recense 367 demonstrations differentes du theoreme de Pythagore" (p.
Although the taxonomic unrelatedness between conifers and angiosperms lends a cautionary note to such comparisons, induced responses by deciduous Larix conifers are also consistent with this hypothesis (Baltensweiter et al.
status-seeking and snobbery; social, racial, and sexual discrimination; egotism and unrelatedness to others; envy, gluttony, avarice, and ruthlessness in the drive for self-advancement - all of these attitudes are not generated by advertising but are made use of and appealed to in the contents of advertising material.
That procedure calls to mind Pater's conception of the essay as the "form of formlessness," a form that "deconstructs itself in order to represent open-endedness, unrelatedness and endlessness as facts of experiential reality.
Although Mingers acknowledges that CMs are not wholly determined by RDs and that their development is often influenced by cultural and social factors, he nevertheless views this possible unrelatedness in terms of a single user of SSM.