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My emotions and sensations were childlike and chaotic inasmuch that they were very intense and primitive, and that I lay very helpless in their unrelaxing grasp.
A temporary bed was provided for her on the settle, near the fire; and, after a short time, she fell into a heavy slumber, with the child, who seemed no less weary, soundly sleeping on her arm; for the mother resisted, with nervous anxiety, the kindest attempts to take him from her; and, even in sleep, her arm encircled him with an unrelaxing clasp, as if she could not even then be beguiled of her vigilant hold.
The ceaseless watching, the unrelaxing excitement of the last two days, had worn her out.
This was weird and unrelaxing TV, but it was SO good.
Uncomfortable hard seats.Too many hard surfaces which, combined with thumpy music, make for a noisy, unrelaxing meal.
The incessant close focus on detail--what Luce Bonnerot has called its pointillism--demands an unrelaxing mental vigilance from the reader that becomes tiring over so long a composition.
The only downside was the unrelaxing scrubbing to clean the oily residue from my bath afterwards.
at 157 (noting that Jacksonian sentiment demanded total availability of representatives, who were said to owe "unrelaxing responsibility to the vigilance of public opinion" (quoting Democratic Review, An Introductory Statement of Democratic Principle, in SOCIAL THEORIES OF JACKSONIAN DEMOCRACY 21, 23 (Joseph L.
This undying elasticity is owing in great measure to the unrelaxing pertinacity with which they cling to the traditions of their race (224).
To relieve my stress, I then had a massage while lying on heated river stones, which made me feel like a roasting chicken (a remarkably unrelaxing image).
Later, at the Birds's, "even in sleep, [Eliza's] arm encircled him with an unrelaxing clasp, as if she could not even then be beguiled of her vigilant hold" (147).
But relaxed I was, from the moment I had my obligatory ``welcome on board'' cruise photograph taken (admittedly, there was one unrelaxing instance) to the moment I floated off the ship onto the plane home.