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Sigma values directly relate to the predicted probability of producing an unreliable patient result.
In contrast, the same behaviour performed by an unreliable adult is interpreted as irrational or inefficient, therefore not worth imitating.
Turbines are available but cannot make a significant contribution, will be very profitable for the developers and energy suppliers but expensive and unreliable for the consumers.
This category would include ad hoc programs such as the Office of Special Plans (OSP), a self-described "cabal" established within the Pentagon by civilian officials at the Pentagon who fed unreliable intelligence to President Bush about Saddam Hussein's arsenal and supposed connections to al-Qaeda.
Illegal, immoral, unreliable - what more does President Bush need to know about torture?
But according to a statement issued by the petitioners: "The unreliable data, which asserted that 70% of all persons attending events at the proposed stadium will travel to and from the stadium by mass transit, was generated by two telephone surveys of Jets season ticket holders.
The unreliable narrator is such a clear literary trope, and the fact that there isn't that kind of subject position in art has always interested me.
It's hard to get a handle on the Chinese economy--they invent their "data"--so predictions are uniquely unreliable.
Stone, who was given three life sentences in October 2001 for murdering Dr Russell, 45, and Megan, six, and attempting to murder Megan's sister, Josie, claims the cell confession was unreliable.
The mental illness of the protagonist is played very convincingly although the exact details of his torture are taken from unreliable sources.
The history of unreliable narrators from Gargantua to Lolita is in fact full of traps for the unsuspecting reader.
He said, "Given how unreliable the reporting system is, if two deaths have been reported, then there are probably 20 others that have gone unreported.