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Moon is an unreliable narrator, unreliably narrated, whose most notable characteristic is that he can be defined by all that he is not--that is, he is not having sex with his wife, not writing a history of the world, not writing a bio of Malquist.
Yet, this data are often unreliably protected due to insufficient network bandwidth, a lack of trained IT staff at remote sites and the high cost associated with managing distributed multi-platform environments.
The "causal connection operating through time" to which Ian Watt refers seems unreliably present in Griffin's narrative of origins.
129) Unreliably obtained eyewitness-identification evidence is substantially more prejudicial than probative in a criminal trial, yet juries routinely find it determinative despite its unreliability.
Researchers should not limit themselves to using measures that are reliable and easy to collect but are unreliably related to outcomes (e.
But ignore for a moment the unappealing and expensive bus services and their malodorous fellow passengers, trains that serve only limited parts of the city, and then unreliably, and the dunderhead public servants who couldn't organise a jolly good drink in an establishment which produces alcohol.
What is most apparent is a pressing need that our society only scantily and unreliably provides for -- and that is the need for quality, licensed childcare in the workplace.
He lays out a long list of "illusions" that drive our thinking such as inaccurately assessing our understanding or skill, being unreliably dependent on memory, and having a misguided belief in pundits.
Perhaps, one insight here for the structure of governance is to restructure it so that the locus of sovereignty of a very highly centralized presidential-unitary system of government is significantly or qualitatively devolved to the local levels--to better deal with problems at their respective levels, rather than constantly and unreliably relying on the central government, especially its all-powerful President," Santos said.
While the toddler-like attention span of the wider British public drifts away from tennis, Wimbledon and Andy Murray, the sport itself packs up its circus and deserts the swanky confines of SW19 and heads to the relative hinterlands of Umag, Bastad and Carlsbad, which I am, surely unreliably, informed is despite the name, a very elegant spa town in California.
That is to say, it is possible for a passage of text to be either both internally focalized and unreliably narrated, or neither, or only the one or the other.
001), but unreliably in comparison with rotavirus infection.