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What was most remarkable about it was its utter unremarkableness.
Paradoxically, however, the very unremarkableness of Ferguson's move across campus is telling: Whereas the choice of a nonartist to head a storied studio art department, as well as the decision of a veteran curator to leave a senior museum post to work in an art school, would once have seemed unorthodox, today UCLA and Ferguson are hardly alone.
ancestors claim me, after my breakneck dash from them and into the arms of any willing American girl who would have me--my desperate attempt to overcome the unremarkableness of being a Lung, and create a family more to my liking?
Simultaneously, the implied reader can see the impassiveness and unremarkableness of the cows' lives.
Both Dacapo's and CPO's sound is remarkable in its unremarkableness.
But far more frequently, what was most remarked upon in first-hand accounts of Cromwell's apparel was its very unremarkableness.
The generation of statistics on AP land mines has politicized the issue of using land mines - this is in contrast to the unremarkableness of using most "conventional" weaponry (for which such statistics are not publicly generated).
As long-classified documents and explanations of activities trickle out of Coventry, it is usually their unremarkableness that is most striking.
The first thing that really struck me about it was, paradoxically, its unremarkableness, the conventional terms of its self-promotion.