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26) The response of the medieval public could turn violently against a criminal who proved unremorseful and obstinate in impenitence.
By now, the last episode of The Sopranos has carved a niche in television history for an ending that no one anticipated--a remarkable achievement in the most relentless and unremorseful vehicle for the predictable, other than the political speech.
Mason was deeply affected by this woman's story, but felt frustrated that she had to hear about it through the callous, unremorseful voices of her killers at the amnesty hearings.
Vollers, who communicated with Rudolph in prison, delves inside the mind of an unremorseful killer, an antiabortion activist, and a neo-Nazi while untangling his complex life and motives.
Completely unremorseful and defiant, Matsuoka keeps insisting that he has ''reported everything that needs to be reported under the law.
However, as revealed exclusively at the time by the Daily Post's SamLister, MacKenzie remains unremorseful for his former paper's conduct.
Noll (cited in Guerrero, 200l) also lists several common warning behaviors that might indicate that your child is a bully: damages property; sets fires; tortures animals; has violent rages, outbursts, or tantrums; has low self-esteem; is controlling; or is unremorseful.
He differs from Brent Rosser, the psychotic killer in Gee's Crime Story (35), because he is both unremorseful and fearless.
induce insincere apologies from unremorseful wrongdoers.
You can imagine my relief when I heard the judge pass a life sentence on the unremorseful murderer of my lad.
He is unremorseful ( but what would he say if he'd lost a loved one?
less deterrence than do unremorseful ones for at least two reasons.