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It also prevents scanner damage from unremoved staples and paper clips.
The two remaining Swiss, "ruefully aware, as we made for the wilds, that we were both "happy" possessors of an unremoved appendix", plus their thirty porters, three Sherpas and a 'boy' cook (the only one to accompany them throughout), pressed forward from Almora to roam widely amongst the Himalayan giants in the worst summer in living memory, under excesses of cold rain, snow and storms.
For those of us everyday Black women who are unremoved from our Black community regardless of education, neighborhood, connections, friendships, political allies, relationships or intellectual conceit, it is the image of the womanish Black girl all grown up, mature, resourceful, and resilient that pops in the mind's eye at the mention of "womanish and womanist" in the same breath.
1,3 Unremoved foreign bodies serve as a nidus for microorganisms; thus, healing of foreign body-related osteomyelitis is not possible without removing the foreign body.
The fate of Prosopis ferox seeds from unremoved pods at Nacional Park Los Cardones.
Quality of visualized images depends on the adjusting of schlieren apparatus, method of correction of unremoved deformations of the optical path of schlieren system and in case of colour images on the colour component of the image as well.
An important contamination source of bone material is humic acids, which, if left unremoved, could cause the obtained dates to seem older or younger than they actually are.
Giddings pointed out what was then the prevailing opinion in Georgia, that so long as the Seminoles remained unremoved, "no slaveholder could enjoy his property in peace.
Some towns have had to enact rules prohibiting the posting of signs on public property in order to deal with the mess created by unremoved signs.
They may also be due to unremoved plasticizer or fillers or to residual solvent used to dissolve the polymer.
There are leaves on the ground, there are swings holding little girls in dresses who giggle through their fingers, swaying into each other's shoulders, but then something is remembered, a role is recalled, and with their torsos going long, shortening, and long and short and then they are falling, laughing, deepening and splitting earth, two bowed bridges collapsing to slap wooden against the rock and hang ruinroped and unremoved.
6,15] Unremoved, they can become exceedingly large and cause pressure symptoms.