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The Depression and Kenneth Curwen's large and unremunerative investment in 'Synchrophone'--an abortive system for adding sound to film--had together taken their toll of the firm financially.
194) Such activities might include almost any imaginable unremunerative sin, including shirking, chasing after perquisites, empire building, and a host of other "rent seeking" crimes.
Compare what artists currently rely on: an increasingly untenable welfare system and a demoralizing, unpredictable and unremunerative grants system.
For instance, marvel at the folly of the extensive Spean Bridge Junction for the unremunerative and cripplingly expensive Invergarry & Fort Augustus Railway, running north from Fort William towards Loch Ness.
One might assume that while SNET leased its PBXs at unremunerative rates, it would subsidize its losses with profits earned in other areas of its business.
an attempt to address what the young man saw as ongoing problems of 'Unemployment, land, price fixing, unremunerative labour, unproductive wealth, inefficiency, thrift, waste, and many other subjects relating to value, money, and pricing'.
Of course, if unprofitable investments are being financed and output prices are being driven down to unremunerative levels, some sectors like the extremely efficient Chinese export sector benefit.
By the time of the Gilbert tercentenary in 1903 even Thompson felt as though he might have overextended himself, writing that "I have spent so much time (& money) over Gilbert during the last few years, and so much time over London University reform, that I have seriously touched my financial position, and shall have to abandon these unremunerative delights.
Consequently, the Treasury argued that nationalised industries should be set clearer financial targets: and if ministers required them to perform unremunerative tasks in the public interest this should be stated publicly.
That is, we would expect their post-assistance employment to be unskilled, sporadic, and unremunerative.
Not being possessed of capital or a large amount of credit like their more fortunate Patidar [Patel] brethren, [Kolis/Baraiyas] conduct their agricultural operations in the most slovenly and unremunerative manner possible, being quite content if their fields yield sufficient grain for them to subsist on for a few months and enable them to contract a fresh loan occasionally with the village moneylenders.