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Through celebration of unrenowned individuality, he withdraws experience from consideration as a blueprint for success" (300-301).
What is interesting to me, on the other hand, is that Carnal's triumph is, in the end, so short and unrenowned.
He or she will be living a life of which we, the uncelebrated, should be envious and for which we, the unrenowned, should be glad.
Harry is a struggling student of wizardry at the unrenowned Hogwarts School of Sorcery (school motto: "Never tickle a sleeping dragon") somewhere in the English countryside.
The collection of thirty-eighty texts by famed, unrenowned and anonymous writers ranges from Simon Berington's The Memoirs of Sig.
Does the duke lack taste and therefore foolishly overrate unrenowned Pandolf and the portrait, which only our mind's eye sees?