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to unrepealable legislation--that is, public laws that are binding into
Also, remember that a full-evening work virtually demands a narrative (for George Balanchine's plotless triad Jewels is surely as unrepealable as it is priceless), and who does scenarios these days?
The Ryersonians made sure, for example, that despite the Scott Act and Article 93 of the British North America which made it legislatively unrepealable, non-denominational school boards (i.
part of the law of the land, unrepealable by any act of the General
Of course, one way of entrenching a climate change statute would be to make it formally unrepealable.
Thus, under the traditional view of the Senate rules, if one legislature could bind itself, that would permit the Senate to bind itself permanently, which would effectively enable the Senate to amend the Constitution by passing unrepealable rules.