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According to this discursive regime, Nigeria's troubles stem from its unrepressed "cultural urges," as Freud would have it, manifest in non-normative family structures, deviant sexuality, the biological reproduction of undisciplined erotic bodies, and the ongoing importance (despite centuries of imperial efforts to the contrary) of women as economic agents.
One of the first Romantic poets and playwrights, Kleist has come to be regarded as the prototypical expressionist and existentialist, not to say mad modern genius, that is, an artist whose works resonate with unresolved conflicts--especially between restrained reason and unrepressed emotion.
The unrepressed vigour of imagination,--and the graceful display of philosophical thought; the splendour of great and original imagery,--and the level dignity of the operations of the understanding; the passion of poetry,--and the sound sense of poetry; are proposed to be discussed in this essay.
But the three young men also represent varying states of spiritual and sexual freedom, with the unclothed youth, monumental and erect, representing the naked or unrepressed self arrested midway in its upward passage from the unconscious to consciousness.
Many companies expressed, with unrepressed excitement, that business was up by more than a morsel over the previous several months.
Chavez uses PDVSA money for his political and social purposes, to finance sudden and unrepressed impulses: an aluminum sheet plant for the Guayana region; a new "popular" university; increasing military salaries to keep the soldiers happy, and; a Cuban-led literacy programme.
The romantic image of the unrepressed Indian child becoming sexually what he was, is, along with that of the environmental native who could not have been a cannibal, also of recent vintage--scarcely of a century's standing--and one with a limited geographical range.
When trouble does arrive, in the form of a credulous traveller or lost tradesman, it is dealt with in the traditional Royston Vasey manner, without a local anaesthetic, but to the full accompaniment of Tubs's hideously unrepressed sexuality and Edward's demented orchestration.
references to his barely repressed anger (which I had learned was directly and unilaterally related to his early childhood and associated with his unrepressed delinquent behavior patterns), he emphatically said (in edited form), "You know the worst part of you?
If the aim of repetition is to prevent the emergence of past displeasure that would accompany the return of the repressed, why would Prospero repeat and restage events if those events are so patently unrepressed, if they are such a manifest part of his conscious explanatory power and identity?
Frankenstein who will also create a bride of Frankenstein for a friend who will use the "bride" as an agent to activate his own unrepressed desires in the same way as Colin Clive uses Boris Karloff in James Whale's 1931 film.
By purveying the nude Other, the magazine developed Western ideas about race, gender, and sexuality with the marked subcategorization in each case being Black, female, and unrepressed (Lutz and Collins 1993:115).