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And so it came to pass that I ended the night with a hitherto unrequired knowledge of Mary Byrne, strappy sandals and the merits of Cheryl Cole's fake eyelashes.
He said: "It is an example of over-zealous, unrequired, jobsworth, tick-box enforcement.
We implemented that procedure for these data and the results, though not reported in the paper, support the view that the time trend is unrequired.
Process mapping in addition to other adcvantages provides the performer a clear picture and enable him/her/the team to replace unrequired complexities with simplified work flow process.
So what happens to all these unrequired human beings, some with families to support (especially in the run-up to Christmas)?
5) In his commentary on Lombard's Sentences, Aquinas invokes this spurious citation to distinguish fasting as an act of virtue (performed in conformity with right reason) from fasting de rapina (an illicit practice that impedes completion of one's obligatory works) and indiscrete fasting, which hinders useful, though unrequired, acts.
The law prohibits the practice of "bundling," which allowed publishers to force students to get unrequired materials when they bought the books required by their professors.
I'm sure Velvet Revolver sound fantastic to the untrained ear, but their elaborate, unrequired fret work is hackneyed and leant more towards Spinal Tap then their former selves.
Saunders and Green fixed the number of discriminations unrequired by training, but essential in tests, at 12.
The particular disadvantage of this equal allocation is that, if the clinical demand for a given joint product reduces--with a corresponding wastage of the unrequired output--then the perceived joint manufacturing cost of that product must increase accordingly.
these unrequired records could be useful in challenging the accuracy of an IRS estimate.