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SaN structures are hypothesized to share the same problem as LS, with respect to unrequired discriminations (R.
Where Mi = Imports, Xi = Exports, WRi = Unrequired transfers from abroad (net).
747), required and unrequired assistance of counsel (p.
Based on the withholding of an incomplete and unrequired report by the Rent Guidelines Board (RGB) Chairman, tenant members of the Rent Guidelines Board have succeeded in obtaining a stay of the formal adoption of the recently voted rent increases for stabilized apartments that are supposed to be effective for leases beginning on October 1, 1998.
Why has flair become an unrequired commodity for a coach who excited with guile, craft and cunning as a mercurial genius?
Despite a decline in second quarter sales, gross profit on sales improved $110,000 during the second quarter of fiscal 1996 as compared to the same period of fiscal 1995 due to improved club sales and reduction of unrequired inventory reserves.
Tenders are invited for Name of work: Repairing /Replacing of faulty signaling cables ,termination wiring installation of different equipments ,dismantling of unrequired structure/ Released equipment ,providing signaling gears as required for the handing over the section from Ratlam : Naugawan, Runija, Barnager, Gautampura and Fatehabad-Chandrawatiganj, Laxmibainagar, Indore of Ratlam-Indore section in connection with RTM- MHOW GC of Ratlam division of Western Railway
What I saw was thousands of unrequired, created jobs and inept management of resources when nationalised and a constant struggle to make a profit when in private hands.
On the subject of students, there is a proposed 16 story canal side student block which is a) completely out of keeping with the local architecture and b) may soon turn out to be unrequired, given the present decreasing university student applications due to the recent hike in fees.
Punctuated by unrequired songs, the film goes on from being silly to bizarre to ridiculous, all in a rather short span of time.
The charity recycles donated unrequired stock from more than 400 retailers, high street stores and supermarkets and sells them at a discount.
I have forced myself upon them, I'm assaulting them with my completely unrequired presence.