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Also, Indian Railways has initiated the facility of printing ticket details in local language on unreserved tickets issued through Unreserved Ticketing System (UTS) with first such language being Kannada.
But Virgin Trains released CCTV images which appear to show Mr Corbyn and his team walking past empty unreserved and reserved seats at 11.
Auctioneers in 1958 on two core principles: conducting strictly unreserved auctions and treating every customer with fairness and respect.
Among the equipment being sold in the unreserved auction: a CMI UVM1700SP asphalt plant, a 2005 JCI Kodiak 400 portable cone crusher, a 2003 Kolberg 3336X150 conveyer, a 2003 Cat 980G Series II wheel loader, a Cat 14G motor grader and almost a dozen truck tractors.
5 million operating surplus and an unreserved general fund balance of nearly $14 million, or 10.
Delayed renewal, finally achieved in February 2005, of a portion of the county's sales tax following two failed ballot initiatives, resulted in the county losing nine months of sales tax collections and the use of a significant portion of its unreserved general fund balance.
The district continues to rebuild its previously strong unreserved, undesignated general fund balance that was narrowed to 4% of spending in fiscal 2003 due to three consecutive years of operating deficits.
Audited fiscal 2005 results indicate the city has surpassed this goal, with an unreserved, undesignated general fund balance of $39.
At the close of fiscal 2005, the town's unreserved general fund balance, at $9.
Effective fiscal management and prudent budgetary practices have contributed to consistently positive operating results, evidenced by the steady unreserved fund balance position above the 10% policy set by the city.
2% of expenditures and transfers out), above the district's policy of unreserved fund balance equal to at least 2.
Financial flexibility is limited by state regulations that require unreserved and undesignated fund balances be refunded to member towns, credited to them in subsequent years, or be reserved for capital expenses, sick and severance costs, or other post employment benefits (OPEB).