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The court held that summary judgment was precluded by genuine issues of material fact as to whether federal corrections officers were present and laughingly observed a fellow officer's alleged physical assault of the unresisting inmate, which was both preceded and followed by profane and racist comments, but failed to intervene.
For Ferenczi, psychic paralysis has to do with the interruption of the senses, the unresisting acceptance of any mechanical or psychic impression, without any amnesic trace of said impressions, even unconsciously.
Once Nick picks the shadow back up, he notes that, having earlier "shot upstream," the trout's "shadow seemed to float down the stream with the current, unresisting...
2014) (police officer who punched a handcuffed, unresisting arrestee); United States v.
(25) With this unusual translation, Pizzimenti represents the radical and transcendent character of the sublime as not simply instructing, persuading, or moving, but rapturing unresisting readers.
Trump tells the story as if it is a good policy to kill unresisting Muslim prisoners.
(I forgot to mention that my father died of cancer when I was two years old.) (22) And given all the maladies listed above, plus my own advanced age, it seemed likely the assassin would be the physician's knife invading my (unidentifiable word) unresisting body.
(11.) See, e.g., Geoffrey Best, Humanity in Warfare: The Modern History of the International Law of Armed Conflicts 15 (1980) (describing IHL as "in between the positions of unrestrained and absolute violence on the one hand, unresisting and absolute non-violence on the other.").
Trained as a limb-fitter at Selly Oak hospital (his father in the police D Division), Roger had spent three and a half years in the Quaker hospital at Quang Ngai, in northern' South Vietnam', six miles from My Lai in March 1968, where around 120 US infantrymen killed hundreds of unarmed unresisting women, old men and children.
Fuller believed Sand's characterization of single women as "neither unsexed and depraved, or unresisting victims and breaking reeds" might lead "even very prejudiced men [...] to review their opinions, and, perhaps, to elevate and enlarge their hopes as to 'woman's sphere' and 'woman's mission.'" Women readers, Fuller thought, would find in Sand's title character, as she did, a progressive model of female character in contrast to that of such other European novelists as Bremer and Dumas, who "make women who have a tendency to the intellectual life of an artist fail and suffer the penalties of arrogant presumption in [...] a career to which an inward vocation called them in preference to the usual home duties" (462, 461).
Like Gramscian hegemony media theorists, and contrary to how his work has often been understood, Adomo did not believe that the consumers of mass media messages were helpless, unresisting cultural dupes into whom bourgeois ideology was injected like a social syringe, with dramatic and immediate effects.
The images of Temper in her elaborately detailed wedding dress lying in repose make obvious fairytale allusions, but the tone of the sequence is ominous: Temper's drugged and prone body is rendered an unresisting object for her new husband's sexual gratification.