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Trained as a limb-fitter at Selly Oak hospital (his father in the police D Division), Roger had spent three and a half years in the Quaker hospital at Quang Ngai, in northern' South Vietnam', six miles from My Lai in March 1968, where around 120 US infantrymen killed hundreds of unarmed unresisting women, old men and children.
an unresisting link to break | for the lot to fall back | into the null
The cross was two pieces of dead wood; and a helpless, unresisting Man was nailed to it; yet it was mightier than the world, and triumphed, and will ever triumph over it.
H] is shadow seemed to float down the stream with the current, unresisting, to his post under the bridge where he tightened facing up into the current.
Almeda succumbs to "extraordinary languor, her perfect immobility, her unresisting surrender to her surrounderings" (69).
An imperial conquest does not necessarily imply an unresisting acculturation.
The condition of the operative manufacturer has been rendered more and more dependent and precarious: the labour of those of them that are employed is, in many cases, so increased, as to be utterly irreconcilable with the preservation of either health or life: infancy itself is forced into the market of labour, where it becomes the unresisting victim of cruelty and oppression.
In "Wind Holds," for example, she implicitly recognizes in her heart the determination of gulls "Spreading unresisting wings" to discover "what might be / storm's clarifying wisdom" (44).
Jibril, reading what he said was a post-mortem report, said Gaddafi was hauled unresisting from a "sewage pipe".
Despite police battering unresisting and unarmed citizens for ten hours on Saturday October 7th, 1989, two days later the 2,000-capacity church was full by 2 pm.
Such an actor in the role of protagonist becomes the unresisting mouthpiece of the god, uttering sounds which he barely comprehends but which are reflections of the awesome glimpse of that transitional gulf, the seething cauldron of the dark world-will and psyche" (30).
The spectacle of unresisting men being methodically bashed into a bloody pulp sickened me.