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Si Senator Villar pa nga mismo nag-manifest sa floor noon plenary deliberations namin on the DPWH budget na kaya raw malaki lagi underspending ng ahensya, kasi ang mga politiko daw, insert ng insert ng budget para sa road projects eh hindi pa naman daw settled ang ROW problems kasi hindi nga daw makakapag simula ang civil works pag unresolved pa ang ROW,' Lacson said.
He recalled that 19 members of the Association of Workers with the Unresolved Working-legal Status from "Vitezita" had met condition for retirement, waiting for the problem regarding their years of service to be solved.
The Trust received 170 new complaints between April and June - on top of 208 unresolved complaints which had been carried over from the previous quarter.
Louis-Ferguson community after learning of the tragic unresolved slaying of his nephew, 23-year-old Rashad Farmer.
I am contesting these elections for people whose issues have remained unresolved.
Last week, the Crown refused to reveal the total figure for Scotland after we discovered more than 500 murders were classed as unresolved in the former Strathclyde force area.
2%) remained unresolved, said the Free and Fair Election Network (FAFEN) report.
He said an unresolved conflict may evolve into an open war in future.
BORDER officials failed to carry out security checks on a backlog of 147,000 unresolved asylum cases, a report reveals today.
Summary: Parents who have unresolved issue with their children's school can now raise their complaint simply by dialing 800555.
Detectives and members of the Unresolved Homicide Unit have chased down leads, but now hope the public can help find these men.