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For Enitan, juju music is only suitable for the likes of Akanni, Sheri's gardener, since her refined class mores discriminate at the levels both of social hierarchy and of cultural taste, categorically deprecating his worker status by associating it with the sensual, unbridled embodiment of the unrespectable form of "dark" juju street music.
Education and training and then re-training has become an experience similar to running up a down escalator, where you have to run faster and faster just to stand still - and to avoid falling into the unrespectable, new rough, so-called underclass that was widely credited with the 2011 riots.
They saw soccer (and perhaps still do) as being in many ways "alien" to Wales, an imported proletarian game played by the unrespectable "hooligan classes", conveniently overlooking the fact that rugby union originated in England and was brought into Wales by upper-middle class hooligan types in public schools such as Llandovery College.
Baxter's mature vision of the Muse is as an intensely anarchic, unrespectable figure.
This virtuosic ability denotes promiscuity and is often deemed as erotic and unrespectable.
Perceptions of the informal economy were also associated with masculinity, violence, and behavior that some blacks considered immoral and unrespectable. Historian Victoria Wolcott posits, "although the informal economy is usually gendered in the popular imagination as a male world of danger, bravado, violence, and exploitation, illegal activities that involved monetary exchanges also employed women." (28) Harlem's informal economy produced new avenues of employment for African American women, and enabled some to avoid menial labor and to establish businesses.
For Kaufmann the battle at Drumcree, and the issue of parades more generally, highlight the changing social structure of the Order and its problems in accommodating the 'unrespectable' elements of popular loyalist working-class culture, represented by the vociferous 'Spirit of Drumcree' pressure group.
Continental drift theory was unrespectable for even longer, until evidence accumulated on its behalf and plate tectonics provided a causal mechanism (Wikipedia.
Colonialism simultaneously entices and induces blacks to obey the law by representing such obedience as a virtue of the civilized, and hence by defining blacks who spurn the law as unrespectable and uncivilised; with the qualification, however, that "if I was law-abiding and accepted the denials of this discriminatory civilization, that if I conducted myself--even though I was subhuman--like a civilized man, I might, God willing, be accepted and welcomed into the exclusive club in about 2000 years" (1986 [1963]: 178).
When the clerk tells Stainton that the house is haunted by a young child, and Stainton takes the story as a joke, the clerk again displays contempt for him and sees his response as governed by Stainton's unrespectable background away from England.
That requires neither that you respect a value that you find unacceptable, nor that you respect the person you (might) find unrespectable. However, respecting diversity of values does not preclude one from respecting someone's values or respecting even the person unworthy of respect.