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Ruth There is no definitive list of actions that can amount to careless driving however a distracting unrestrained dog jumping about in a vehicle could definitely be considered to sufficient.
Among the passenger vehicle occupants killed in crashes in 2013, occupants ages 21-24 were unrestrained at a rate of 55%, followed by occupants ages 16-20 at a rate of 50% unrestrained.
In another case, an Emirati sustained injuries in his skull in a collision accident while driving unrestrained from Ajman to RAK last year.
From bold, ethnic-inspired colors and designs to the Bohemian lifestyle, the Unrestrained palette celebrates a carefree spirit, wanderlust and pulsing color.
When accosted, police saw an 11-month-old boy who was unrestrained and just sitting on his mother's lap at the car's back seat.
The same goes with an unrestrained passenger in a moving vehicle with three other belted occupants.
A few days ago I watched a lady climb into her car put the child in the front seat unrestrained and the maid belted up in the back
Unlike many councils, we have a plan in place which will protect the green belt from unrestrained development while allowing enough homes to be built to meet the urgent needs of our growing population.
GEM Motoring Assist chief David Williams said: "Not only are unnecessary accidents caused by unrestrained animals in the car but the consequences in a crash can be much more severe.
The control dilemma in eating behavior: Influence of temptation cues in restrained versus unrestrained eaters
Pope John Paul II in his encyclical Centesimus Annus was clear that unrestrained capitalism was not congruent with church teaching.