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In background with food objects and presence of Stroop effect, reaction time in restrained eaters is more than that of unrestrained eaters.
That percentage jumped to almost half after stricter laws took effect, but the percentage of unrestrained children--those with neither a seat belt on nor strapped into a car seat--barely moved.
Use an restraint drive unrestrained in your " Police could decide that an offence has been committed, if the motorist is deemed to be driving 'without due care and attention' if it was felt that their standard of driving fell below that expected of a competent driver or that they did not show "reasonable" consideration for other road users
He noted that voting the proposal into law is a good start to quell the unrestrained dissemination of fliers, and that if the measures prove inadequate, parliament can proceed to further amendments.
In an interview with the state news agency, the head of the Office of Geology Management and Mining Exploration in the South, Tahmoures Yusefi, blamed the sinking of the Earth's surface on unrestrained exploitation of groundwater in the region.
Only 1% of occupants wearing seatbelts were ejected in crashes, compare with 31% of those who were unrestrained.
Such kind of motorists need to be made aware about the dangers of driving unrestrained," said Colonel Ali Saeed Al Alkim, Director of Traffic and Patrols Department, RAK Police.
BAGHDAD / NINA / Vice President Osama Nujaifi on Tuesday that "the situation is now in need of cooperation and collaboration in order to eliminate terrorism and unrestrained militias operating outside the law.
Based on extensive research and the unique drivers of today's design trends, the 40 colors of the forecast are grouped into four palettes: Chrysalis, Voyage, Buoyant and Unrestrained.
"Not only would any collision, or loss of control, at such speeds have potentially tragic consequences for both the driver and other road users, but the e"ect on unrestrained toddlers would almost certainly have been fatal.
An Australian mum has been ordered by the police to pay a fine of $650 as she was caught over speeding at 127km/h along with an unrestrained child passenger at the back of her car.