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Nor is it an open license for generic-makers to unrestrictedly dole out copycat versions of all patented drugs, banking on the moral high-ground of affordability, as desi firms hope.
Conversely, what if the licensee already possesses the trade secret you disclose, independently discovers it, or unrestrictedly obtains it from another party, or the "trade secret" was already publically known (i.
A genuinely scientific, inquiring spirit is inspired by and yearns to comprehend what that divine, unrestrictedly loving being sees in all of the inhabitants of the universe" (16).
This press release can be published and distributed unrestrictedly.
Interpretations of the NPCSC may, in fact, also be issued after a case is decided "wrongly", (68) with a case still pending, (69) or without any case pending in court30 This gives Beijing a tool to directly and unrestrictedly intervene in the legal systems of the SARs and to define the extent of the SARs' courts' jurisdiction, thus introducing a significant element of uncertainty in the SARs' legal systems.
4) Gould argued that one should be free to "edit" a sonata by Beethoven or a fugue by Bach, cut into it unrestrictedly and apply post-production techniques: "[I]n this way the composer, the performer and, particularly, the listener, would be better served" (Gould, 1990, p.
On these topics Arthur talks unrestrictedly, using what Hitchcock defines as working-class language, and what I previously argued was a more advanced, embellished, and stylized form of language that results from an increasing amount of attention being paid to what is being spoken.
According to Turner, the combination of a commitment to democracy and "the squatter ideal"--which he described as "the ideal of individual freedom to compete unrestrictedly for the resources of a continent"--accounted for the nation's "growth and fundamental traits.
The rubber phase is surrounded by rigid polymer, thus, the core-shell modiiiers can flow unrestrictedly in PA 6 matrix.
As providing both control statement tiles, which can present sequence, repeatation, branch and text tiles, in which text can be entered unrestrictedly, hybrid programming environment can offer two types of programming interfaces.
Anyone desiring to get his illegal money legalized can unrestrictedly get moneychanger arrange remittances from abroad.
The authors argue that certain modal questions raise serious problems for a modal metaphysics on which we are permitted to quantify unrestrictedly over all possibilia.