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Interpretations of the NPCSC may, in fact, also be issued after a case is decided "wrongly", (68) with a case still pending, (69) or without any case pending in court30 This gives Beijing a tool to directly and unrestrictedly intervene in the legal systems of the SARs and to define the extent of the SARs' courts' jurisdiction, thus introducing a significant element of uncertainty in the SARs' legal systems.
According to Turner, the combination of a commitment to democracy and "the squatter ideal"--which he described as "the ideal of individual freedom to compete unrestrictedly for the resources of a continent"--accounted for the nation's "growth and fundamental traits.
On these topics Arthur talks unrestrictedly, using what Hitchcock defines as working-class language, and what I previously argued was a more advanced, embellished, and stylized form of language that results from an increasing amount of attention being paid to what is being spoken.
The rubber phase is surrounded by rigid polymer, thus, the core-shell modiiiers can flow unrestrictedly in PA 6 matrix.
The authors argue that certain modal questions raise serious problems for a modal metaphysics on which we are permitted to quantify unrestrictedly over all possibilia.
Zeitz also said that all countries that wish to join the EU must implement the acquis communautaire unrestrictedly.
This Article 1 therefore intends to provide the freedom to all, except in certain situations defined by law (24), to practice sports unconditionally and unrestrictedly.
But in order for the Gaza inhabitants to be fully integrated they would need to be able to travel without restriction to and from the West Bank and the inhabitants of the West Bank to travel unrestrictedly to and from the Gaza Strip.
What the party accepted by force after the Syrian military withdrawal was cancelled by the subsequent developments with which the party regained its position as a key military power, one which others should follow and unrestrictedly endorse its program.
allowed to move unrestrictedly among all Arab nations, the document advised.
They said that the terrorists of Blackwater and Dyncorp are unrestrictedly patrolling the streets of Islamabad whilst sincere Muslims calling for Islam and Khilafah are being abducted from their houses.
The broadband range has to be unrestrictedly available to consumers within their homes, like water, heat and electricity, in order to gain acceptance and be fully beneficial.