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As well as this, PS26,246 was collected in unreturned change in Caerphilly and PS126 in Merthyr Tydfil.
In Knowsley, parking ticket machines collected an additional PS26,017 in unreturned change in the year running 2015 to 2016, while in St Helens machines collected an extra PS12,668.
The 24-year-old singer told her fan Hannah that according to her unreturned love was just as valid as any other kind and it was just as crushing and just as thrilling and no matter what happened in this situation, what her fan was doing was selfless, beautiful and kind, Us Magazine reported.
The Committee on Foreign Affairs of the US House has passedthe Turkey Christian Churches Accountability Act (HR 4347), introduced by Chairman Ed Royce, which requires an annual report from the State Department on the status of stolen, confiscated or unreturned Christian properties in Turkey and in the north of Cyprus.
The total amount of unreturned currency only in 2013 made up over $200 million, reads the report.
Wiltshire Council came top - hoovering up a staggering PS730,000 in unreturned change over three years.
When the maids failed to return after half an hour, she called them on their phone, which went unanswered and unreturned.
5) Frankie gets arrested because of an unreturned library book, and she realizes Brick is to blame.
The UAE's service errors cost them dearly - they made 26 in total - while Bahrain were clinical with ball in hand, taking 14 points from unreturned deliveries.
I've got to turn them in from 1977" - Tom Hanks on his unreturned books after getting an award from New York Public Library.
Pub landlord Sammy, 51, who runs The Joker Bar in Bellshill, realised he had been conned after documents failed to arrive - and repeated phone calls and emails to the conmen went unreturned.
But the boy wizard's films top the list of unreturned titles.