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Staff at Henley Charles in Handsworth said they had "strict instructions" not to talk to the press about the James Turner Street house, while calls and emails to Virdee Estates and Springbok Properties went unreturned.
The Yemen Times contacted the Iranian Embassy in Sana'a for comment, but as of press time, calls went unreturned.
Repeated calls and emails by the Center for Public Integrity to its only known official, treasurer June Walton, have likewise gone unreturned.
For example, declassified CIA reports list the names of unreturned US POWs in their Chinese transliterations -- how the English-language names sounded to Chinese-speaking sources.
Further signs of Janowicz's wavering concentration were clear to see in the fifth game as a spate of wayward forehands gave Murray two break points, but a netted forehand and an unreturned ace got him out of jail.
The UAE's service errors cost them dearly - they made 26 in total - while Bahrain were clinical with ball in hand, taking 14 points from unreturned deliveries.
I've got to turn them in from 1977" - Tom Hanks on his unreturned books after getting an award from New York Public Library.
But the boy wizard's films top the list of unreturned titles.
The Scot then wrapped up the opener on an unreturned serve -- it was the first set Murray had won in his three Grand Slam finals, with Federer's 16 unforced errors to his opponent's five proving key.
We have had continuous problems with unreturned calls from social services and the community mental health team.
Bulgaria's Minister of Social Policy and Labor, Totyu Mladenov, has released from the post his Chief of Staff, Dimitar Markov, over unreturned bonuses.
Sunderland University was fourth with 17,650 unreturned, with Teesside University fifth with 15,815 outstanding.