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In contrast, if the model's appraisals are adequate, then among unreversed appraisals there should be no significant difference between human-versus model-generated appraisals.
Speculators wagered as to which decision would remain unreversed long enough for stare decisis to freeze it into law.
machine that will reflect an unreversed image of himself,
Commercial property values are now back to December, 2008, levels - with the re-pricing from the first 18 months of the correction still unreversed.
All members of the clade except Turinia and Thelodus share two unreversed synapomorphies: presence of a pulp depression in the scale base (25:0-1), and absence of a pulp cavity in the scale (26:1-0).
For gender-typical play behavior, there was no reason to expect any sex differences, as subjects were evaluating their behavior relative to same sex-peers (it should be noted that although questions 1 and 2 were reversed to calculate the overall play score for the male subjects, the tables and subsequent analyses reflect their unreversed scores).
After surgery, the patient was returned to the NTSICU unreversed from anesthesia and neuromuscular blockade; he remained intubated.
After two terms under Labour, Maggie's mistakes remain unreversed, with a fortune flowing into a bottomless pit.
210) This case appears to be the only unreversed case to require knowing consent before that requirement was imposed in 1977 by the Second Circuit in National Equipment Rental, Ltd.
Each of Figures 3, 4, and 5 illustrated mean choice accuracy to stimuli with unreversed and reversed reinforcement contingencies for each animal in each partial group as a function of a block of 48 trials (i.
The Greenough optical design provides erect, unreversed, stereoscopic images with contrast, brightness and correct color.