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Contrarily, IIAA asserts that the current, unrevised CGL policy "implicitly" provides the indemnitee with defense and defense costs for fighting a tort claim in court.
Howard Archer, chief UK and European economist at IHS Global Insight, said the unrevised GDP growth did not alter the outlook for monetary policy.
While the revisions represent relatively small changes in the temperature record--and the data is only for the continental United States, not the entire world--the revisions are significant because the unrevised data, which was well publicized, showed 1998 as being the hottest year on record in the continental United States, while the little-noticed downward revision showed that the hottest year was actually 1934--meaning that recent years have not been the hottest years despite global-warming alarmism.
4 per cent in the last three months of 2009 above analysts expecta- tions for an unrevised reading of +0.
The western sides have already used all their political, diplomatic and media means to force Iran to accept an unrevised version of the Vienna proposed deal and the IAEA Board of Governors was their last tool," Mohammadi noted.
In accordance with its commitment to the value of excellence and its position as an industry leader, ONS conducted an in-depth analysis of its bylaws, which have remained unrevised since 1979.
93 million compared with unrevised pretax income of JD0.
Analysts found some solace in the unrevised headline figure - still the biggest quarterly fall in GDP since 1980 - and that a big drop in stocks accounted for much of the decline.
6 per cent annual pace in the fourth quarter, in a report that left unrevised its prior estimate of output growth.
The House of Councillors on Monday began debating a bill setting procedures to amend Japan's pacifist Constitution, which has been unrevised since coming into force in 1947.
The consortium then won the contract to operate the core system of the railway, including rolling stock, electrification, and signaling systems, with the specifications based on European standards still remaining unrevised.
Yeats's indebtedness to Shakespeare is proved beyond doubt by yet another more direct allusion to the same sonnet in the unrevised version of his song.