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This has led to an increased demand for strategies tailored to take account of investor concerns and minimize unrewarded risk exposure.
Expressing his views on the occasion, Dr Saeed-ul-Hassan said hard work never goes unrewarded. He said everyone should render his duties with utmost commitment, sincerity, and dedication, impure with the patriotic spirit of love for Pakistan.
He can be assured that his efforts and outstanding success will not go unnoticed or unrewarded and merely presages a new start.
Although Michael Dobson gains so much of the praise for his ability to put his colleagues over for tries, the spadework is often done by Galea, whose efforts so often go unrewarded.
O'Neill said: "We have visited the hospice as a team and seen the rewarding, and yet at times unrewarded, work the nurses do at Acorns."
It has been a tough start, in which impressive approach play has sometimes gone unrewarded at one end, and punished at the other.
We consider the effect of P4P on both rewarded and unrewarded dimensions of quality.
Makhaya Ntini finished with 2-38, taking two late wickets after his impressive early spell went unrewarded.
But his heroic effort did not go unrewarded: The next day, Queen Alexandra presented him with an honorary gold cup.
Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb.
The quality of her products has not gone unrewarded, as the treacle toffee, which is made to a secret recipe handed down through the generations, has won True Taste and Anglesey food awards.
Unfortunately, history teaches that such faith on the part of "displaced persons" often goes unrewarded. U.S.