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"These arrests reflect our unrelenting effort to eradicate oil theft while making the illegal business increasingly unrewarding and frustrating for perpetrators by scuttling their apparatus," he said.
Four unrewarding hours of trotting a float through various runs on the River Itchen, in Hampshire, left Mark Pilley - our latest coarse angling winner - beginning to fear it would be a rather blank day.
"To continue our positive momentum related to gross additions, our newly launched marketing campaign, Hello Better, takes an aggressive approach to encouraging our competitors' customers to break free from unrewarding provider relationships.
"Kofi Annan deserves our deep admiration for the unselfish manner in which he put his formidable skills and prestige to the mission which is very difficult and potentially unrewarding," said Ban Ki-moon, who stressed his "deep regret" at the move.
He is attuned to its trim and orderly air and after an unrewarding winter that brought his right to the England captaincy into focus he has never valued it more.
Actual ownership can be expensive and can be unrewarding, but virtual ownership is free and a lot of fun.
"The Butcher's Wife" is a respectable but dramatically unrewarding debut for writer-director Gao Xiongjie, a veteran teacher of film and television arts at Chinas Central Academy of Drama.
Contesting a divorce can be expensive and ultimately unrewarding if one of the parties is determined to leave the relationship.
Add in the recoil and muzzle blast these small guns produce and practice becomes an unrewarding and uncomfortable, if not downright painful activity.
On a badly churned-up and bobbly surface, both teams found the going unrewarding, although the best two chances of the first half fell to the Bay.
It's a very unrewarding job, and the way they've added a huge amount to the team has shown the kind of environment we have."
Fish Tank will appeal to fans of social realism but it left me feeling I had just sat through an unpleasant and unrewarding cinematic experience.