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But I will unriddle for you the thought of his mind,
Now, however we unriddle it, "Adonais," as the imago of "John Keats," remains an abracadabra-word, tricky and performative, that aims at accentuating the "splendour" of naming, as undertaken with a ritual and fixative power.
A Fragment"--"No, no-where can unriddle, though I search, / And pore on Nature's universal scroll" (2:150-51)--joins him with Keats's other characters who are perplexed during their wanderings through a text.
Felt Yeats' extreme directness, simplicity, & equality: liked his praise; liked him: but cant unriddle the universe at tea.
The amazement is that this great dance of sexual oneness transcends, artistically, the arcane iconography, which only priests and scholars know how to unriddle. The couple is spotlighted, as it were, by an ornamental mandala, which has the effect of making the embrace a star turn, which in a sense it is.
In order to better grasp the importance of Boas's answer to this essential question in modern context, we will start by presenting a few fundamental facts related to how he came to grapple with this problem now considered in science as being among the most difficult to unriddle.
In a setting devoid of the usual bureaucracy, they could gather to unriddle cold murder cases, keep their games sharp, maybe help some people.
The catalogue for Kiefer's show is a morass of portentous exegesis by Mark Rosenthal, a dazzled enthusiast, and the staff of the Museum of Modern Art has obligingly furnished visitors with a handout lexicon of hermetic definitions they can use to unriddle meanings planted there.
Shelley and Scripture unriddles the Sphinx: 'Critics of "The Triumph of Life" have curiously avoided making the connection between the shape and the MYSTERY of Babylon in the Bible' (p.
Forcefully, yet in the end with salutary reticence, Miller unriddles this great, masked thinker.