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2002) (rejecting unripeness defense and vacating an EPA
I mean, rather, facing head-on and acknowledging, no matter how bitter, the unripeness and the artificialities of the self in existing circumstances: denial of the self in its present state and recognition of the dignity of the original self.
Zartman challenges this conservative approach: "Unripeness should not constitute an excuse for second or third parties' inaction, even if one or both of the conflicting parties are `mired in their hopes of escalation and victory.'" (17) This challenge to the conservative view is critical in conceiving that peacekeeping missions can provide a similar influence with societies, not through third-party mediation with leaders but through the third-party action of sustainable development and institution-building.
Let us add to the list of unripeness -- the end of a finite line unreached, a goal almost attained, perfection with warts: A movie is an unripe fruit of a book, cricket is an unripe fruit of baseball, chopsticks are an unripe fruit of spoons, mini-dresses are an unripe fruit of saris, speech is an unripe fruit of song, pop music is an unripe fruit of classical music, God the Father is an unripe fruit of a genderless God, polytheism is an unripe fruit of Christianity, Christianity is an unripe fruit of Judaism, Hinduism is an unripe fruit of atheism, sexual intercourse is an unripe fruit of love, or all of these the other way around.