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From mid-February, we will be unrolling full connectivity across our Airbus A330 fleet.
have found that unrolling Scotch tape can produce X-rays.
Onlookers said the fish kill was like a carpet of poison unrolling along the river.
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution is unrolling a new offering, AJC Media Solutions, which caters to advertisers interested in the AJC's digital, print and direct marketing products.
So he built a 32-foot-long feed bunk with an unrolling cart on top.
The breakage rate for men indicating both errors (use of oil-based lubricant and unrolling the condom before application) was 55% compared with 33% among those indicating either error, and 13% among those indicating neither error.
Thus we can observe, for example, in the unrolling tragedy of the Middle East, that a response to terrorism may be described as a fence before becoming a wall, an insult, a war.
It's very unusual to find one made of deerskin,'' Atkin said, carefully unrolling the scrolls, slowing where repairs have been made over the years.
A hole was bored in the spool's center, allowing retailers to slip spools onto a horizontal bar for easy unrolling.
Tina Swindle said: "We do not want females lifted now and the only way of telling the sex is by unrolling them.
For example, if you have nagged your child about unrolling his socks when he takes them off, then only wash socks that are unrolled.
Other uncommon errors were using an oil-based lubricant, unrolling a condom before putting it on and touching a condom with a sharp object (2-5%).