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A broad green carpet was unrolling itself upon the desert, while advancing across the carpet was a wonderful procession that made the girl open her eyes in amazement as she gazed.
Blythe, dearie," she remarked, unrolling some dainty material.
Twelve hundred melting-troughs were simultaneously opened and twelve hundred fiery serpents crept toward the central well, unrolling their incandescent curves.
A strange, a terribly strange, region was unrolling itself before my eyes.
But it was not a minute before Raffles came to me through the whistling scud, and in another I was on my back behind a shallow rock, with him kneeling over me and unrolling my bandage in the teeth of that murderous fire.
Thought it would knock you," said Craggs, drawing it out and unrolling it for my benefit.
And this story, too, I received without comment in my character of a mute witness of things Russian, unrolling their Eastern logic under my Western eyes.
From mid-February we will be unrolling full connectivity across our Airbus A330 fleet, completing the task in the summer.
From mid-February, we will be unrolling full connectivity across our Airbus A330 fleet.
have found that unrolling Scotch tape can produce X-rays.
Onlookers said the fish kill was like a carpet of poison unrolling along the river.
The breakage rate for men indicating both errors (use of oil-based lubricant and unrolling the condom before application) was 55% compared with 33% among those indicating either error, and 13% among those indicating neither error.