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The tether is wound around the ballast like a yo-yo, which enables the device to unroll once the springs have pushed it away.
To maintain a seal during each up-and-down cycle, the diaphragm rolls and unrolls over a mandrel located below the diaphragm.
Intended for use with a table-mounted projector, the smaller 40-inch screen unroLLs horizontaLLy and stands on a table.
The flexible, heat-reflective barrier material withstands up to 1700 F and unrolls in response to an emergency stop, power outage, mechanical or electrical failure, or other condition that causes excessive sheet sag.
color) Mike Atkin unrolls a 400- to 500-year-old Torah at the Temple Beth Ami in Newhall.
The simple spool un-roller looks like a broken lawn mower handle, but actually works beautifully, pulling the spool along the ground as it unrolls with almost no effort.
Readers will enjoy the plot that unrolls like an I Love Lucy episode, in which Lucas' efforts to do right are met with almost slapstick results.
Thus reduced, time unrolls with a monotonous uniformity, generally represented by a straight line in modern mathematics and physics.