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Others, like "Unrooted," look like the kind of meandering doodles someone might draw absentmindedly while chatting on the phone.
Construct the rooted tree corresponding to this matrix and convert it to an unrooted tree as in GT; that is, absorb those subbranches without mutations into their branch(es), and then straighten the branches, subbranches, and so forth.
Are they so unrooted that when the stresses of church life become annoying they simply leave and go elsewhere?
The best unrooted runner tips from certified 'mother' plants are lifted and planted individually into cells, which are then placed in a carefully controlled propagation unit where they are given regular mistings of water.
The 458-ers will be viewed as carpetbaggers or misfits, unrooted in the finer things in life, probably younger, probably renters, probably beer-drinkers.
They should be treated gently, like unrooted cuttings, until they become more established.
For Breytenbach, who was in exile from 1964 to 1975, the peripatetic life is not unrooted. His poems bristle with a vision of fallible human nature and hope that wrongs might be righted and injustices overcome.
Birds are inclined to pull the young, unrooted sets out of the ground, so trim back the dried onion top to leave just 1cm (1/3 in).
Next, in 1946, we encounter the Hindu Leela, an eight-year-old German-Indian hybrid, on the day her unrooted and unbalanced European mother dies in Bangalore.
This report concentrates on the automorphism group of a map, which is related to the automorphism groups of a Klein surface and a Smarandache manifold, also applied to the enumeration of unrooted maps on orientable and non-orientable surfaces.
As for the individual caught in an unrooted modernity, those apt to keep their wits in a godless future are those who possess a knowledge--however acquired--of their roots, that is, their own past and traditions.