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There was no change in his manner, no trace of anxiety in his smooth, unruffled face.
She could not deny that the surface of her feeling was absolutely unruffled by anything in William's character; on the contrary, she felt certain that she could deal with whatever turned up.
I looked at her from time to time thinking: She has seen slavery, she has seen the Commune, she knows two continents, she has seen a civil war, the glory of the Second Empire, the horrors of two sieges; she has been in contact with marked personalities, with great events, she has lived on her wealth, on her personality, and there she is with her plumage unruffled, as glossy as ever, unable to get old: - a sort of Phoenix free from the slightest signs of ashes and dust, all complacent amongst those inanities as if there had been nothing else in the world.
Without a courier, travel hasn't a ray of pleasure in it, anywhere; but with him it is a continuous and unruffled delight.
On the other was the dream-land of Elysian serenity -- the sanctuary of unruffled repose.
"If your death were to take place at this moment, my lord," replied Raoul, with unruffled composure, "I should, indeed, regard it as a great happiness, for this circumstance would prevent all kinds of evil remarks; not alone about yourself, but also about those illustrious persons whom your devotion is compromising in so absurd a manner."
Finding none, however, and observing in course of time that his guest was as cool and unruffled, both in his dress and temper, as he had been all day, old John at last heaved a deep sigh, and began to think no duel had been fought that night.
It was surprising to see how serenely he sailed off with unruffled breast when he came to the surface, doing all the work with his webbed feet beneath.
Smarting with pain, for I was a round baby, with a nicely stretched, tight skin, and dreadfully hurt in my feelings, I opened my mouth to shriek in earnest, when my father's clear whisper fell on my ear, each word distinct and not to be misunderstood, his eyes as before gazing meditatively into space, and his lips hardly moving, "Elizabeth, wenn du schreist, kneife ich dich bis du platzt." And he finished the verse with unruffled decorum--
Adam Driver's cop is remarkably unruffled by the undead hordes
Even as his critics are having a field day back home, former India captain, Mahendra Singh Dhoni remains remarkably unaffected and unruffled by the turn of events.
Ateneo-Motolite drubbed BanKo-Perlas, 25-21, 25-20, 26-24, to force Game 3.The Lady Eagles squandered a 24-22 edge in the third set but remained unruffled, pouncing on a setting error by Fen Emnas that gifted them another match point before Bea De Leon and Kat Tolentino teamed up for the game-clinching double block on Dzi Gervacio.