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When I had reached a point where I could again see the dugout, I was just in time to see it glide un-harmed between two needle-pointed sentinels of granite and float quietly upon the unruffled bosom of a tiny cove.
De Coude fired once more, but the attitude of the ape-man--the utter indifference that was so apparent in every line of the nonchalant ease of his giant figure, and the even unruffled puffing of his cigarette--had disconcerted the best marksman in France.
There was no change in his manner, no trace of anxiety in his smooth, unruffled face.
I thought the doctor noticed it too; but he preserved his countenance, as usual, in a state of the most unruffled composure.
There isn't the slightest doubt," Saxon answered with unruffled certainty.
Finding none, however, and observing in course of time that his guest was as cool and unruffled, both in his dress and temper, as he had been all day, old John at last heaved a deep sigh, and began to think no duel had been fought that night.
It was surprising to see how serenely he sailed off with unruffled breast when he came to the surface, doing all the work with his webbed feet beneath.
But then Sir Terry would appear, like a calm stately galleon smoothly making his way through the storm, unruffled, unperturbed.
I am getting more unruffled as the years go by, I am definitely not going down the Victor Meldrew route, turning into a grim old curmudgeon" - Actor Nigel Havers.
Only you can decide if you become aggravated or angry, whether you cuss and scream or whether you remain calm and unruffled.
I bet she sits there, bolt upright, the whole way, so she can look just as immaculate and unruffled as she did when she got on.
In one early dramatic incident in May 1978, the Prince was typically unruffled when his royal car was struck by a bottle as the motorcade made its way to the new Freeman Hospital for an official opening ceremony.