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Linda and Julianne resemble each other not only in their function as straight women in gay best friendship, but in their unruliness, which manifests in their appearance and demeanour.
We don't condone the unruliness last Wednesday, but neither do we understand why the Westminster Board of Health found it necessary to put itself in an impossible position to begin with.
He added: "When police arrived, they described largescale fighting, utter unruliness, broken glass and bottles scattered about on the floor, large numbers of people screaming and swearing, numerous women and children screaming and crying hysterically and clearly terrified.
ODEON'S unruliness on a racetrack can finally be soothed en route to victory in the Londonmetric Noel Murless Stakes at Ascot.
Hijacking the theater of politics, as it were, turning it into a puppet show, casting each and every yea-sayer in his useful role, normalizing unruliness, he will steer the ship in any direction he pleases.
We must not let unruliness spoil what should be a party," he told LCI private television channel, adding that adequate security measures had been put in place to pre-empt a repetition of the past violence.
Wisteria's reputation for unruliness stems from neglect: fail to prune regularly and you'll soon have a monster on your doorstep, all foliage and few flowers.
As unsettling as the unruliness of customers was the press' eagerness to report on that unruliness.
The school's volunteer football coach, Matthew Belardine, has been charged with allowing underage drinking, obstructing official business, making a false statement and contributing to the unruliness or delinquency of a child.
And despite his unruliness in class they named an airport after him, which is hardly likely to apply in my case.
One photo brings the unruliness of scrubby plants and muddy puddles to bear on orderly grids of scaffolding, beams, fences, and their shadows.
Or the moody deity of Genesis, responding to human unruliness by threatening to destroy the world?