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2 Stuart Gray believes both he AND Dave Jones were the victims of an unsaintly act at the hands of Southampton chairman Rupert Lowe.
Ward Bond and Victor McLaglen, veteran stalwarts of the Ford stock company, played major roles as the unsaintly parish priest Father Lonergan and the blustering squireen Red Will Danaher.
Howe is described as "vain, pugnacious, rigid, arrogant, but passionately committed to doing good" -- a quite unsaintly man who hotly "wrangled with the Ward family" at times and at others could "write plaintively" or come across as quite "vindictive.
With the Commons overwhelmingly against him, More pursued those who stepped out of line with a very unsaintly ruthlessness.
If the discussion of presidential greatness is truly about canonization or even apotheosis, no wonder the living Reagan and the dead but unsaintly Johnson cannot yet be admitted.
But that accusation put Val, right, in a very unsaintly mood.
What in the world is he doing in a thoroughly unsaintly American labor movement?
He is the author of a dozen books, covering issues as diverse as Britain's plundering of the Parthenon, the conflicts in the Middle East, Anglo-American relations, and the unsaintly qualities of Mother Teresa.
The Welsh has abandoned the vigil (wake) on the eve of the saint's feast day but retained the festival day which was now celebrated (as Pennant drily observed) for the most unsaintly ends.
Raines's book is a thought-provoking jaunt across The New York Times Editorial Page Editor's 50 years of rivers and streams, bavous and bays, a tale told by a man entering the choppy, uncertain waters of midlife with the wise but unsaintly Blalock as his fishing and spiritual guide.