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In most places, the shift from unsalaried coworkers to employees has been gradual and only semiconscious.
(46) Apart from some administrative and ad hoc support, Deng was expected to fulfill his mandate on a voluntary, unsalaried, and part-time basis.
The position of special rapporteur is unsalaried, but the UN pays for travel, staff and all administrative overhead.
These MFIs deliver very small loans - averaging between $250 and $600 in the MENA region - to unsalaried borrowers, usually without collateral, and typically promise future loans if previous ones are repaid in full and on time.
The committee supports the idea of a ceiling for such aid, which must take account of 'the agricultural structure of the country and specific region' and be based on 'the farm's salaried and unsalaried labour intensity'.
More likely, ordinary citizens will staff volunteer (unsalaried) militias, police forces, Security Partnerships, Volunteering Police Services, Security and Order Partnerships, or Neighborhood Watch Committees (Putter and Kant, 2000; Eick, 2008a).
Without taxes, then, there are no government expenditures, and without government expenditures all public employees will be unsalaried and must look for productive work to earn a living.
The position is unsalaried but travel expenses can be reimbursed.
4) as an unsalaried honorary curator in the Section of Naval Architecture, Department of Arts and Industries, Division of Anthropology.
A seven-member, nonvoting, unsalaried Advisory Board also exists.