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Talking to media, protesters held responsible to the MCM chairman and other sanitary staff for their badly unsanitary condition.
The Health Ministry launched a nationwide crackdown on unsanitary food and medical establishments a year ago, closing down hundreds of restaurants, pubs, bakeries, supermarkets, pharmacies and cosmetic clinics around the country.
Villagers die of malaria that could be prevented by drugs and mosquito nets; children suffer diarrhea and parasites caused by unsanitary drinking water.
She'll exit a dyke bar immediately if the pool cues look unsanitary.
According to the court, the city's housing of inmates in grossly crowded, poorly ventilated, and unsanitary jail conditions was so likely to result in inmate sickness and suffering that there was an obvious likelihood of constitutional deprivations.
Civets, dogs and other species continue to be slaughtered in highly unsanitary fashion.
Traditional detection of media inside a metal walled tank requires an access port, which can result in a breach or location for unsanitary buildup.
The four-panel guard is adjustable and fits snugly against any shipping pallet to conceal its unsanitary appearance.
A CDC investigator has linked an outbreak of skin infections to unsanitary practices at a body-wrap salon.
New research indicates that most of the 28 million Africans infected with AIDS did not get the disease through sexual activity but through unsanitary medical practices that are common in impoverished nations.
Over the ensuing centuries, the tactic of casting germ-ridden corpses and offal over city walls to end sieges was used quite effectively, because of the crowded, unsanitary conditions in medieval cities and the lack of knowledge about the cause of diseases and the way they spread.
Warsaw--One of the battle cries of pro-abortion proponents has always been that if abortion is recriminalized, it will go "underground" and that many women would die of unsanitary conditions.