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While the morphing of white elephants into cash cows has enriched the owners, unsated tourists have moved on, hunting for fresh sites.
Unsated by his fall and winter philandering, Mozart's libidinous Don Giovanni returned to the Metropolitan Opera in mid-April for a four-performance spring fling.
WASHINGTON: Deaf to pundits who think delusion, denial or unsated ambition are driving her sinking White House quest, Hillary Clinton is living out the lyrics of a campaign anthem, going "on and on and on and on."
But Bellow's diarist remains unsated. Given the reference to Part
His chapters on Verdi, while beautifully crafted, leave the reader unsated and cranky--he unfairly avoids solid arguments or conclusions in a collection that supposedly exists to make them.
With its acts of vandalism and its ephemeral reconstructions, science has pushed our stumbling and unsated soul to the brink of mystery.] What Marinetti calls the "Parnassianism" of Italian poetry, however, could also be attributed to the limitations of the literary language itself, which had not gone through the process of renewal that had characterized the French of the symbolist generation.
In The Web and the Rock, Monk Webber, visiting Europe for the second time, experiences a "relentless and exhausted restlessness," an "unsated hunger" (534, 661) that leads him, by way of the October fair and a near-fatal brawl, to break with the idealized world of his childhood in America: "you can't go home again" (695).
Even though he has gone to such extreme lengths to make the narrative of this evening coincide with the lifestyle narratives that have been presented to him, he is left feeling vacuous, his appetite unsated. In fact, his expression after the encounter is one of tedium, impatience and agitation.
For the computer literate they have also thoughtfully provided a list of web sites for those whose appetite for information remains unsated.
Today when 'product' is lacking, when channel surfing leaves appetites unsated, when movies and pop music are often without value, when overplayed oldies testify to the Huizinga theory, in his Waning of the Middle Ages, about a late stage of civilization, only the kindest relativist could deny that cultural America is getting by on its past.
Let's briefly examine two industries that have understood the value and importance of the www generation, and its unsated thirst for customer self-service.
Moreover, Achitophel and his "sons of Belial" echo the condition of Milton's Satan, who embodies "unsated lust" and whose devil rebels are all sexually frustrated, as there is no sex or generation in hell.