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The adult post-Soviet soldier we finally see at the end of the film has tattooed his arm in imitation of Tolyan, who bore an identical mark; yet, in the final words spoken by Sasha in his adult voiceover persona, he motivates his urge to kill on behalf of the post-Soviet Russian army through his unsated desire to murder his father.
And hadn't the church really been doing that all along, by valuing the sublimated creative energies of unsated lust?
When they weren't running the numbers the pastors in the newspaper pulpits recalled the sinful encounter with Monica Lewinsky, rummaged through their dictionaries for words strong enough to convey an image of unremitting selfishness and unsated greed--both Clintons likened to cormorants and stoats, natural-born catch basins, hollow as abandoned mines, eager to devour all the golf balls, every toasted almond, the last shred of gossip.
Many theatre critics and artists of various bents would echo my complaint of exiting most Shakespeare productions unsated, to brood on the gap between hope and actuality, expectation and reward, esteemed text and unfulfilled execution.
The Still Ambitious ex-presidents are those whose appetites for power remained unsated even after serving in the nation's highest political office.
In the prescriptive adumbration of the need for "normative grounding in a public philosophy drawn from values of the Constitution, the philosophy of pragmatism, and democratic theory" I sense both an unsated thirst for the one best way or the theory, and a conviction that we know which philosophy is the best grounding.
They are appealing directly to the public, the tax-payers whose money has been used to reap this harvest of broken bodies and shattered dreams, to shame the G-8 into relinquishing their unsated appetite for African pounds of flesh.
TQM on the other hand concentrates on changing the relations staff have with one another in seeking to improve quality and satisfy the hitherto unsated demands of the customer.
Here the "stillness of the bride," unlike the unconsummated wedding of Keats's urn to which Hill alludes in sonnet 3, is a postcoital lassitude in which the bride is left unsated, which suggests also that the sexual aggression of empire is a byproduct of the "hubris" of a culture that values only its own pleasure and gain.
Inert in his chair, In a candle's guttering glow; His bottle empty, His fire sunk low; With drug-sealed lids shut fast, Unsated mouth ajar, This darkened phantasm walks Where nightmares are:
The appetite of the avid reader of biographies is here left unsated.
He stopped lamenting their unsated "needs" and started deriding their insatiable "wants.