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* A basic unsatisfactoriness that pervades all forms of existence, because all forms of life are changing, impermanent and without any inner core or substance.
deeper, less definable unsatisfactoriness in the very foundations of
According to the Third Noble Truth, freedom from the unsatisfactoriness of existence is found by extinguishing desire, which means the cessation of all attachment to being, all clinging aimed at self-possession.
Coming to terms with these natural truths allows us to move more freely in everyday situations of unsatisfactoriness without becoming frustrated with them--in the thought of some future goal that is consequently being missed.
Significant in Jovellanos's conception of origin is its elusive nature or, once successfully identified, the unsatisfactoriness of the concept in its designated role.
In 1925-26, Lorca, like Dali, wished to avoid confronting areas of potential disturbance and messiness, both in his art and in his personal life, but experience increasingly showed the unsatisfactoriness of such aspirations, in ways that the poet was more prepared to recognize than his friend seems to have been.
Pearl and Sir Gawain, operating at a distance from the divine formez of biblical history, proclaim the unsatisfactoriness of human signs in comparison to divine ones, and of human artefacts compared with God's - his shaping of sacred history.
226, 245 (1945) (Rutledge, J., dissenting) (criticizing reliance on a concept "as variable and amorphous as `domicil'"); Alton, 207 F.2d at 682-83 (Hastie, J., dissenting) (noting elusiveness and unsatisfactoriness of domicile concept); Griswold, supra note 44, at 195 (calling domicile a "highly artificial concept").
Just as the exquisite furniture is called in to replace the unsatisfactoriness of the guests and the social-welfare machine renders superfluous too personal an engagement in other's fates, so this innocent paradisiac ideal, from which all complexities, uncertainties, disappointments are banished, comes to serve in lieu of spiritual ideals which, in other lands, it may be, hardly envisage perfection, but humbly strive within the terms of man's ordinary condition.
Enjoyable to read, and even at times as delightful as her best short stories, Anderson's novel reminds me in its pleasurable unsatisfactoriness of Renee's Daisy and Lily (Penguin), a wonderfully fluent narrative that has the slightly untidy feel of autobiography.
The cost of refusing to take the high referential road in the defence of the humanistic value of literature, and electing instead to travel, in the company of the authors, the low road of finding significance in literature without cognitive value, is brought on in the unsatisfactoriness of some of the illustrations from literature with which the authors seek to support their approach in the third part of the book.
Its pervasive theme is the unsatisfactoriness of monolithic accounts of rationality.