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A computer-based search of the Copath laboratory information system database was carried out to retrieve all unsatisfactory anal Pap test results from January 2008 to December 2013.
Among these, 40 (81.6%) were classified as 'adequate', while 3 (6.12%) and 6 (12.24%) were found 'minimal' and 'unsatisfactory', respectively.
It added: "Leadership and management are unsatisfactory overall because compliance with all regulatory requirements has not been ensured and the implementation of policies has not been consistently maintained."
In line with the law on the ombudsman, if activities of the institute are recognized unsatisfactory, its powers should be prematurely terminated.
In Worcester, 11 percent of educators were rated exemplary, 83.1 percent satisfactory, 5.2 percent needs improvement and .7 percent unsatisfactory. Overall in the city, 94.1 percent of educators were rated proficient or higher, just under the statewide average.
According to the report: "Current performance is unsatisfactory because pupils do not make sufficient progress in their literacy and numeracy skills...
"Attainment and progress in Arabic, Islamic studies and science are unsatisfactory...
If the employee's performance or behavior continued to be unsatisfactory , AI is blocked for another three months , employee is notified in writing, and granting AI is reconsidered after completion of this period, if the employee's performance and behavior became satisfactory or better, than the employee deserve AI in the first of Jul of the same year, If the employees continued with unsatisfactory performance, after six months referred to than the employee does not deserve AI , the temporary blocking of the annual increment because of unsatisfactory performance does not preclude granting AI according to the terms in January of each year
7 of Rawalpindi Cantt the organization declared the performance of polio teams unsatisfactory.
The usual indications would be that the vision is unsatisfactory with a spherical soft lens.
TREATMENT services for drug addicts are unsatisfactory, a High Court judge said yesterday.
Out of the 146 private schools in the capital inspected by the Abu Dhabi Education Council this year, 66 per cent fall in Band C bracket that binds together 'unsatisfactory', 'very unsatisfactory' and 'Poor' schools.