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thoroughly unsatisfying to the German mentality" (p.
White made his name as the auteur behind the 1996 "Femalien" series--a thoroughly silly set of sci-fi soft-core pix--and a few years later produced the considerably more substantive "Understanding Joshua," 2000, in which the eponymous antihero, a sad-sack homunculus, makes his way through a landscape of suburban parties and unsatisfying interactions.
describes a theory of aging that transcends the dualism of activity and disengagement, and explains how theory was developed from the unsatisfying mismatch of common assumptions within gerontology and some empirical findings.
As the body count mounts, a sense of foreboding builds to what seems like a surprisingly unsatisfying ending.
ARE WE CAUGHT between an entirely unsatisfying present and the perfect fulfillment of a world yet to come?
15 percent of sexual encounters among stable couples are unsatisfying for one person.
Some of them fell victim to poor business strategies, while others had products that consumers ultimately found unsatisfying.
It's deeply unsatisfying to see the shambles Bush has made and not try to fix it.
There we encounter more of the same unsatisfying blend of sharp production values and Hollywood hokum.
But in ceding its center to poet Cheryl Boyce Taylor's oratory, this uneasy dance-and-spoken-word amalgamation sacrificed momentum while retreating into a vague, unsatisfying mysticism.
However, empirical evidence from Germany suggests implementation of risk early recognition systems even five years after the new legislation was imposed has been unassertive and unsatisfying.