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The molecular formula was established as, C19H34N2, by HREIMS (m/z 290.2704), requires four degrees of unsaturation. The compound displayed an absorption bands at 206, 258, 262, 268 nm, interpreted for aromatic compound.
Introduction of more number of unbranched carbons through copolymerization which is due higher percentage of unsaturation in RBO may be the possible reason for its better thermal stability.
The signal between 5.2 and 5.5 ppm is related to the hydrogens of -C=C- and its low intensity reflects the low content of unsaturation of the oil that is also observed in the low value of the iodine number in physicochemical analysis.
Based on these observations, we attribute the variation in the different levels of unsaturation (saturated, mono-and polyunsaturated) over time shown in Figure 6 which appeared when Croton nuts were placed in a 1[degrees]C refrigerator to the plasticity of living seeds as they respond to a temperature change.
Unlike the stable ether extract across SM, total lipid vibration intensity peak area, CH2 asymmetric stretching, CH2 symmetric stretching, S_CH3:CH2 symmetric stretching ratio and lipid unsaturation group differed across SM.
Also, changes in the composition of fatty acyl chains, such as unsaturation, length and branching are thought to affect membrane fluidity (8).
However, in unsaturation situation, in a random time slot, some nodes have packets to be transmitted, while others have no packet to be transmitted.
The aim of this paper is to design the quantizer parameters [delta], [rho], and [v.sub.0] based on zoom strategy to ensure the unsaturation of the quantizer; that is, [parallel]x(k)[parallel] [less than or equal to] (1/(1 - [delta])) [v.sub.j], k [member of] [[k.sub.j], [k.sub.j+1]), j [member of] N [union] {0}.
Knowledge of the type of fatty acids present in the oil is important, given that both the length and unsaturation of the hydrocarbon chain contribute to the mode of adsorption and inhibition efficiency of the inhibitor molecule [7].
Compound 2 gave a molecular formula of [C.sub.21][H.sub.28][O.sub.8] (eight degrees of unsaturation) by analysis of its HRESIMS (m/z 431.1684 [[M + Na].sup.+]).
The rise of peroxide value during ambient storage period was dependent upon two factors, (i) the kind of oil i.e., degree of unsaturation and (ii) the addition of antioxidant.
Iodine index measures the degree of unsaturation of fatty acids present in the samples and also enables the identification of possible adulteration by mixing with different vegetable oils (CODEX ALIMENTARIUS, 2003; MELLO & PINHEIRO, 2012).