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In making this choice, he allows T'Challa to remain metaphorically unscarred. The dialectical negation is left un-negated.
Although it may occur in an unscarred uterus, the most common cause of uterine rupture is splitting of a previous cesarean scar.
'It has to take a president unschooled in refined hypocrisy and unscarred in corruption to lay the foundation for its dismantling to save a generation from addiction and cleanse the country from its lethal consequences,' he added.
They first harvested and cultured keratinocytes from biopsies of the patients' unwounded, unscarred skin and transduced these samples with COL7A1-containing retrovirus, producing eight gene-corrected grafts for each patient.
Jimmy insists he came through it unscarred. But just occasionally you get a sense of how lonely and confusing it must have been for a boy who never went to school and only really had his siblings as friends.
Spontaneous rupture of the non-labouring uterus is a relatively rare occurrence in obstetrics.1 Although cases reported in the literature have described this event in unscarred and primigravid uterus;2 there have been strong associations with abnormal placentation,3 previous uterine instrumentation4 and congenital abnormality of the uterus.5
Theresa May, Britain's new prime minister, is a pragmatist who has emerged from the chaos of the Brexit referendum unscarred, portraying herself as the one who will lead the country out of the EU.
"Leaf" is complete, Unscarred by insect Or wind-tossed twig,
The Great Redeemer's run of victories in the late 1990s fed into the feel-good factor of the Cool Cymru phenomenon, while the Grand Slams and championships of the Noughties and beyond gave confi-dence to a younger generation unscarred by past failures on the field of play.
Almost no part of our nation has been left unscarred. And many of our rural and maritime areas bore the brunt of Winstons fury.
Eleven weeks on from his darkest day, Saints made it clear they consider Burrell to be unscarred by the trauma.
Forty three (70.49%) of the patients had scarred uterus and eighteen (29.50%) had unscarred uterus giving a scarred to unscarred uterus ratio of 2.3:1.