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This general decline in efficacy might be related to the relatively small number of stem cells available for transplantation in these patients, who had only small areas of unscarred skin for harvesting.
4 Rupture due to placenta accreta/percreta has also been reported in patients with history of caesarean section and unscarred uterus but mainly in the first and second trimesters.
50%) had unscarred uterus giving a scarred to unscarred uterus ratio of 2.
Complete--were the whole thickness of uterine wall is involved, usually occurring in an Unscarred uterus.
Maybe so, but keeping the face of the franchise unscarred is something to consider.
That suggests that Pluto's surface is young enough to remain unscarred by periodic bombardments of interplanetary debris.
Case report: Spontaneous rupture of an unscarred gravid uterus in a primigravid woman at 32 weeks of gestation.
Despite Smith's public concerns about the playing surface, Walsall adapted better and pushed the ball around nicely in the opening stages, using the comparatively unscarred strips down the flanks.
They were fresh-faced, unscarred by the need to pin down a guest in order to get a scoop, and asked me nice, friendly questions about how better to strengthen the friendship between Manila and Chengdu.
steel she scours what cannot be sung back to their unscarred state:
ROSS BARKLEY was one of the few England stars to return from his World Cup experience unscarred.
It is a place of loneliness, despair, and limited options--a place one can't easily emerge from unscarred.