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Through that astonishing fusillade he had come unscathed.
And then he told him to go away and not to provoke him, if he intended to get home unscathed.
Before now he had battled with fanged monsters, nor always had he come away unscathed.
He has fought successfully two contested elections, and has come out of the ordeal unscathed.
If we can get through this season unscathed, it's one hell of a young side and an exciting team for the future.
euro]e xture also saw Matt Green and Gavin Gunning come through their second successive U21s game unscathed.
The driver, and his male passenger, were able to get themselves out of the car unscathed before the arrival of emergency services.
A spokesman for ship owners Hoegh Autoliners said most of the cars had survived unscathed, while some had suffered dents and scratches.
escapes unscathed in bombing that killed his driver in southern city of Aden.
His granddaughter Delvyn Harris, of Eastern Green, said: "Good fortune was with him and he returned in 1919 unscathed to marry his sweetheart Elsie Bednell, but the war was something we didn't speak of when he was alive.
UNSCATHED It's the first-ever meeting of the sides today and Adams said: "I know Archie Knox and Craig Brown very well.
Summary: Drag racer Matt Hagan emerged unscathed from the remains of his car after it exploded and disintegrated around him in a qualifying race.