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Critics who find this approach disorganized, unscholarly, or unhistorical should turn to scholarship or history for their field of activity.
At every chance, the poem rebukes professional endeavor, to marinate instead in the pleasures of leisure, companionship, and unscholarly reading.
Predatory publishers engage in unethical and unscholarly practices.
They also cite a number of secondary sources, but do so in an idiosyncratic, unscholarly fashion; one would have hoped that McFarland's editorial staff might have offered assistance in this area.
And following the fall of Mubarak, such unscholarly radicals carved out a massive public space, facilitated by the military, and filled it with ranting and yelling directed to the ears of average Egyptians, while the phenomenon of the cool sheikhs, who mainly sided with the revolution's demands, faded quickly.
This is not to say that it is unscholarly: far from it, it is fully referenced, with over four hundred endnotes providing the sources for the account.
Go to the Writing Center." Roberto was also verbally told that his topic was "unscholarly" (a poignant depiction of the cycles of his grandmother's small family garden and its impact on her community); he also sometimes placed adjectives after nouns, and he incorrectly conjugated irregular verbs.
The legislation of this unscholarly period forced most non-Christians in Europe to relocate.
Sala Levin writes ("Biggest Genetic Myths of All Time," July/August) that the Cochran, Hardy and Harpending paper "A Natural History of Ashkenazi Intelligence" has no footnotes, implying that it is therefore unscholarly or unscientific.
89), "guerillas" (p.89) and "PKK combat units" (p.185) all interchangeably in an unscholarly manner although he acknowledges in passing at one point that the PKK used terrorist strategies (p.66).
Research studies' results on students' involvement in extracurricular and unscholarly activities (Z.
Activism can be as scholarly or unscholarly as scholarship itself.