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Our current effort in this field is directed toward (1) recoding DNA in the laboratory; and (2) understanding how cells unscramble DNA, how this process has arisen, and how the "programs" are written.
The pounds 30 smart card, which can only work in conjunction with a special decoder, satellite receiver and large disc that costs pounds 400, is able to unscramble the transmissions of live Premiership matches to Norway, Denmark and Sweden.
To unscramble confidential transmitted information, a snoop's computer must factor a large number into its two prime-number components.
Just unscramble the letters of this popular northern jockey
Users of key recovery software would have to deposit the "keys" that scramble and unscramble their messages with a "trusted third party" (something resembling an escrow agency) which the government could approach if it wanted to intercept private transmissions.
For your chance to win these HOT tickets, simply unscramble the answer to the question below.
Unscramble each word based on the clue that's provided.
The White House has regulated encryption so that law enforcement agencies can easily unscramble messages sent by suspected criminals.
But only the recipient knows the corresponding private key needed to unscramble it.
The machine also comes with a HP 22" widescreen monitor We have printed the final letter to help you unscramble the winning phrase.