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That way, if we have to unscrew the broadhead or we hit something hard, the alignment is less likely to be affected.
For all this guy knows, I could be an agoraphobe with no hands and he's asking me to go out and unscrew things.
With a screwdriver or socket wrench unscrew the grip screw while squeezing the dikes on the bushing just enough to keep it from turning.
Unscrew and remove the barrel pivot screw (#31) from the left side of the hinge making careful note of its position for later assembly.
Soldiers unscrew the mount's locking knob too far back and that shears the stem off the knob.
Use a cloth covered spanner to unscrew the head and reveal the washer (lubricate with oil if it is stuck).
Do not unscrew the canister if the valve does not rotate with the canister unless the latter is discharged completely.
The EU further states that "they have wheels that you could unscrew and throw, and you could use a skateboard to break a window.
The warning advised paintball gun users not to unscrew the brass or nickel-plated valve from the canisters.
The thought of the bulb breaking in my hand as I'm trying to unscrew it from the socket, which has happened to me on more than one occasion, is not a very pretty picture in my mind.
The 160-pound control unit, he notes, wasn't designed to be replaced, so the astronauts will have to manually unscrew 36 electrical connectors.