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They have a particularly unscrupulous Press to deal with, besides political intriguers.
Don't be down-hearted, Master Henry,' whispered the old woman, with the unscrupulous common sense of persons in the lower rank of life.
Chairman, and to its affirmation I pledge my life, my fortune, and my sacred honour, that that wicked and unscrupulous Minority redistricted the cards
The court therefore became a brilliant and crowded circle of unscrupulous but unusually adroit statesmen, and a center of lavish entertainments and display.
Even if you gained the day in a case like this, you would be looked upon as an unscrupulous man who does not keep to his word, and is not bound by promises, or by honor, or "
Fyne's individualist woman-doctrine, naively unscrupulous, flitted through my mind.
We have to deal with a most clever and unscrupulous man, and we must use any means in our power--otherwise he will slip through our fingers.
She had, unfortunately, failed, and felt herself condemned to be for ever at the mercy of this unscrupulous wretch who was continually demanding her presence at clandestine interviews.
Heasyoasy (for so he still named the skipper) was a man, by his account, that minded for nothing either in heaven or earth; one that, as people said, would "crack on all sail into the day of judgment;" rough, fierce, unscrupulous, and brutal; and all this my poor cabin-boy had taught himself to admire as something seamanlike and manly.
You have been all your days a bold and unscrupulous schemer, but ends have at any rate been worthy ones.
She commands a spirit, too--the spirit of her nation; a masterful, conscientious, unscrupulous, unconquerable devil .
The truth is the truth; and neither childish absurdities, nor unscrupulous contradictions, can make it otherwise.