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The agency wants taxpayers to be on the lookout for unscrupulous return preparers and help protect their sensitive financial and tax data.
The UAE and India have signed an historic agreement that could stop unscrupulous local employers who fail to deliver on contractual promises to migrant workers from the South Asian country.
Notice is hereby given to the public that unscrupulous individuals have been posing as members of the Cabinet, including the Executive Secretary, or name-dropping the latter in fraudulent schemes to solicit funds from the public," the Palace said in the notice.
org - has also advised the sailors to apply due diligence before accepting an employment offer to work on these ships and not to get recruited through unscrupulous agents.
Despite the Government's rhetoric on irresponsible capitalism, and tackling unscrupulous employers in the wake of the Sports Direct inquiry, it is clear that they have undermined the work of the very agency charged with investigating breaches in employment agency practices.
I suspect that there are many members on the Opposition benches who might be familiar with an unscrupulous boss.
Motor vehicle owners are still at the mercy of unscrupulous persons who overprice the COCs, Cabrera said.
Michael Yeadon, health protection manager at Durham County Council, said: "We want to work together to stop unscrupulous puppy pedalling and to protect everyone from the heartache of bringing a puppy home and finding out it wasn't everything you hoped it would be.
SUPPLY teachers are being denied their rights and entitlements on pay and working conditions by some unscrupulous supply agencies and umbrella companies, teaching union the NASUWT said yesterday.
Alan Simpson of the Toy Retailers Association said: "If there is something in short supply, unscrupulous suppliers will milk it any way they can.
Birmingham City Council has compiled a check list for those planning to make the trip to Saudi Arabia following a number of complaints from people who have previously booked Hajj packages with unscrupulous agents and also due to several high-profile court cases.
I can not imagine a more repulsive and unscrupulous talk than that.