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"While Pakistan continues to unscrupulously export terrorism and is the only country in this world which is willing to use nuclear weapons in order to protect its terrorists, it also remains a member state of this (UNHR) Council.
Behind them a band unscrupulously maltreating a piece by Coltrane, probably 'Summertime,'" writes Mwanza Mujila in his first novel.
The regime of President [Salva] Kiir covered the country with blood and violence and at the same time enriches itself unscrupulously," a party official reportedly told German lawmakers.
"The Brexit victory shows it is London's Westminster bubble that has been out of touch with the wider majority and it is the greedy currency speculators and parts of fuel supply chain who will probably unscrupulously hike pump prices simply because of this unanticipated result."
Restaurants and cafeterias are increasing prices unscrupulously as they are paying huge amount in rents, according to residents.
In a press release published by the Saudi Press Agency, Saudi Arabic Ministry of Foreign Affairs Adel bin Ahmed Al-Jubeir expressed his countrys strong denunciation of this brutal and barbaric act that was unscrupulously perpetrated.
Their assurance belies the reality that the Enforcement Directorate( ED) has charged Kundu of unscrupulously mopping up about ` 15,000 crore from unsuspecting investors in the state and beyond.
He is unscrupulously violating the Constitution saying he is "not in favor of any party but the nation" -- meaning only those who vote for him.
Give away a few millions out of the billions earned unscrupulously' is the common refrain.
There is no room for reconciliation with the man that has so unscrupulously taken advantage of my good will.
Of those public corruption cases, 10 resulted in indictments, including an elected sheriff who had allegedly falsified records and various state employees who had been accused of behaving unscrupulously. Another 13 public corruption cases remained under investigation and were therefore confidential.
After all, there is a long history of the World Cup being unscrupulously abused as a political football--from fascist Italy in 1934 to junta-ruled Argentina in 1978.