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The unscrupulousness needed to attain blessings that boost your bank account to multibillionaire status rules out the conventional Kenyan get-rich-quick methods, such as quail farming or adding the magic four letter word, 'matt', to the name of every little shop they hope will grow into a massively successful chain of supermarkets.
For decades prior to this development, the arena of critically acclaimed dramatic films has been dominated by modernist premises involving a constellation of aesthetic and philosophic principles, chief among them the aimlessness and/or unscrupulousness of human beings, the ubiquity and power of randomness in life, man's helplessness in the face of implacable circumstance, banal and gratuitous violence, pervasive cruelty, and an utter absence of moral rectitude.
Does real life lack any seriousness found in these games -- which are in the final analysis played for fun -- that there is an extreme level of irregularity, unscrupulousness, indiscipline and arbitrariness visible in politics, economy, the judiciary and foreign policy.
(2.1.629-34) Caesar bids Antony test the people's feelings regarding his coronation as a way to avert any responsibility, thereby exposing his deceitfulness and unscrupulousness. (55)
Provided with enough unscrupulousness, any European could have written the article.
Disregard of relevant legislation by pet owners, it said, and lack of law enforcement by local authorities, the economic crisis and the unscrupulousness of those who abandon their animals when they no longer want them, has created an overpopulation of stray dogs and cats the state and society must manage.
Still, super-rich Madec's sheer unscrupulousness makes him someone you'll love to hate.
Still, Madec's unscrupulousness makes him a love-to-hate guy.
Srinivasan's reputation is in tatters, thanks to previous allegations of mismanagement in the BCCI, violating ownership rules, conflict of interest, match-fixing, spot-fixing and unscrupulousness of office bearers.
Pandarus's unscrupulousness is further confirmed by his advice to Troilus after Criseyde is transported to the Greek camp.
A depressing aspect of Ferguson's unscrupulousness is his failure to acknowledge the impact of the Great Recession on government performance and business expectations.
Citing the case of Georges Sorel, whose Reflections on Violence argued that the general strike should be marshaled as a mythic catalyst for the fomentation of a war between classes, Woodcock concluded that 'propaganda based on class violence, as elaborated in its most extreme form by Sorel, inevitably results in a coarsening of moral fibre, a growing unscrupulousness in dealings with other people'.